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Stories of Philanthropy
Sherman Abrams
April 10, 2017
I am grateful for your investment in me through this scholarship. Not only does my scholarship contribute to my education in a financial way, but it is also extremely helpful for my continued success at Catholic University.
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Katie Lally
April 09, 2017
The Kast Family Scholarship allowed me to come back to finish my degree at Catholic University.
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Rebecca Deucher
April 08, 2017
Receiving the Charles and Louise O'Brien Scholarship played a definitive role in my decision to attend law school at Catholic University.
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Danila Tomassetti
April 07, 2017
Putting my gratitude for the scholarship into words is nearly impossible. Quite simply, I would not have been able to leave Italy to study piano at The Catholic University of America without the scholarship I received.
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Jordan Haddad
April 06, 2017
The opportunity to study at Catholic University with its many brilliant and holy faculty and student body is a great joy.
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Abigayle Maser
April 05, 2017
In the Busch School, I saw the unique business education I would receive, one that would not only teach me how to make money but also—more importantly—how to do business ethically.
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Marisa Coene
April 04, 2017
I am incredibly grateful for the scholarship I received, and I am committed to succeed and do well.
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Cardinals Tribute Dinner 2016
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