Since 1903, The Catholic University of America has been greatly blessed by the generosity of parishioners around the country through the National Collection. James Cardinal Gibbons, our first chancellor and the ninth Archbishop of Baltimore, once called the collection “the people’s endowment.” Taking his words to heart, contributions from faithful parishioners have benefited generations of students.

A mission in service to the Church

The mission of Catholic University centers on the discovery of knowledge and truth through excellence in teaching and research, all in service to the Church — a service that is greatly needed today.

University faculty and scholars promote Catholic social teaching and, through their research and discourse, help form the Church’s response to challenging social issues of our time. In addition, Catholic University educates hundreds of priests and religious each year and can proudly call more than 12,000 of them alumni.

Faith is tangible at Catholic University

Faith is expressed passionately through prayer, acts of charity, and a concern for justice. And, as a result, our students are transformed.

Guided by the virtues, a spirit of generosity, and — above all — a love for God, they grow in understanding and wisdom. The people’s endowment is more than tuition assistance — it is a legacy, built upon 130 years of education in the Catholic intellectual tradition.