Since 1903, The Catholic University of America has been blessed by the generosity of parishioners around the country through the National Collection. James Cardinal Gibbons, our first chancellor and the ninth Archbishop of Baltimore, affectionately called the collection “the people’s endowment.”

Catholic University is the national university of the Catholic Church. Gifts to the National Collection — the only second collection taken for higher education in the U.S. — support students during this crucial time and help the University conduct critical research that will serve parishes and dioceses throughout the country.

Be the light for education

We are all in this together. Catholic University is a community of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to keeping everyone safe and upholding the highest standards of education.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed student life and how classes are taught. But through its 12 schools, 32 research facilities, and more than 180 academic programs, the University is determined to fulfill its academic, research, and service missions.

When you contribute via the National Collection, you help the University maintain its legacy built upon 130 years of education in the Catholic intellectual tradition. You are the light for faith-based higher education.

Help the University renew and heal the Church

Right now, the Church has pressing needs, and Catholic University is responding with innovative research initiatives and training programs.

To heal the breach of trust many have experienced as a result of the sex abuse crisis in the Church, the University has developed The Catholic Project. This interdisciplinary initiative promotes collaboration and genuine dialogue in search of renewal and healing in the Church.

Additionally, the University has developed a Child Protection Certificate Program, a Master’s program in Ecclesial Administration and Management, and a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry program that prepares recent graduates to serve in Church ministry.

When you donate to the University via the National Collection, you help to fund this critical work, which improves the Church and the nation. Thank you.