The National Catholic School of Social Service (NCSSS) educates students of diverse backgrounds who share a deep commitment to the values of social justice, service, and scholarship in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Recognizing that the measure of a just society is how it treats the least among us, NCSSS faculty build knowledge and raise awareness for means by which we may create communities that prioritize responding to the needs of the poor and vulnerable as integral to the common good. This priority follows from our Christian anthropology that views the human person as a child of God.

Campaign Priorities

New Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Violence

Part of the University’s comprehensive response to the abuse crisis facing the Church, the Center will serve as a resource portal, provide training services, and undertake research on the prevention and treatment of sexual abuse.


New Scholarships

Similar to the Compass Scholars program which provides graduate scholarships, NCSSS seeks increased investments in scholarships that will power our efforts to recruit a more diverse student body and meet the nation’s growing need for rigorously trained social workers.


Annual Support for NCSSS

Creating a broader and more engaged base of financial support for the National Catholic School of Social Service is vital to ensuring the School has the resources needed to tap into opportunity and weather unanticipated challenges.