The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art inspires highly talented and creative individuals to realize their potential, and prepares them to be accomplished, passionate, imaginative, and effective contributors to the arts, society, and the Church.

The Rome School also advances opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth and cultural enrichment, and promotes thoughtful aesthetic appreciation across the Catholic University community, with a broad range of programs that are united in their goal of uplifting the human spirit.

Campaign Priorities

New Visual and Performing Arts Center

Complementing the Rome School’s existing facilities, an impressive new Visual and Performing Arts Center will build upon the arts heritage on campus, serving as a touchstone for the bright future of the School, and for the important role that the arts play at Catholic University.


Sacred Arts Center

Through commissions, performances, exhibitions, and lectures, the new Sacred Arts Center will increase knowledge and appreciation of artistic beauty as a means to achieve greater union with God.


New Music Technology and Cinema Studies Programs

State-of-the-art technical resources will offer new creative opportunities in digital music performance and production, and, in collaboration with the School of Arts & Sciences, help establish an interdisciplinary major in film studies.


New Scholarships

New scholarships will power growth and diversity in our enrollment, and make the Rome School competitive with other leading arts programs in recruiting the most promising students.


New Faculty Support

To support growing enrollment and to sustain its national and international reputation in the arts, the School will engage new faculty who will bring competitive standards to all of our program offerings.