Join The Novak Family Foundation in providing scholarships for students in the Department of Art or distinguished scholars in residence at the Busch School of Business. With your support, Catholic University can continue to attract and retain the top students.

The Novak Family Foundation was created by longtime University friends Karen Laub-Novak and Michael Novak in 1994 to support work in areas that contribute to the development of the whole person. Fittingly, its final bequest of $1 million has established a term endowed fund at Catholic University with two purposes: The Karen Laub-Novak Art & Faith Scholarship in the Department of Art and The Michael Novak Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Residence in the Busch School of Business.

Influenced by Dana Gioia’s article, "The Catholic Writer Today: Catholic Writers Must Renovate and Reoccupy Their Own Tradition" (First Things, Dec 2013), Michael Novak made the bequest before he died in 2017 to honor the memory of his beloved wife and to inspire a renaissance in the Catholic Arts. The couple’s children included in the bequest a way to honor their father's work connecting business, entrepreneurship, and economics with faith.

The Novak Family Foundation generously seeded this time-limited endowment through its final bequest. Consider adding a donation so countless students, across multiple fields and disciplines, will continue to benefit far into the future.

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Help impact the lives of students for years to come by honoring the legacies of Karen Laub-Novak and Michael Novak. Make a gift today to further the initiatives made possible by The Novak Family Foundation.

You may contribute to the term endowment to support the Karen Laub-Novak Art & Faith Scholarship and the Michael Novak Distinguished Visiting Scholars in Residence. What better way to honor Karen and Michael!