Outstanding academic offerings alone will not enable Catholic University to attract and retain top students of wide-ranging backgrounds and perspectives.

Students benefit from opportunities to serve others, to distinguish themselves on the athletic field, and to gain research and work experiences that are both significant and productive. Student services and programs like the Center for Academic and Career Success let students integrate their studies with their postgraduate plans.

Catholic University enjoys a beautiful campus setting — the largest in our nation’s capital. Adding premier dining, recreation, and athletic facilities with increased opportunities to develop healthy eating and exercise habits will make our campus even more attractive to discerning students.

Sustaining and growing our community requires a renewed commitment to making a Catholic University education affordable and attainable for all who seek it.

$110 million in new investments

To ensure our students’ success, Catholic University will: 

  • Invest in campus facilities that enrich the lives of our students, including a premier recreation center, a contemporary dining facility, and expanded athletic facilities.
    Key investments:  $60 million for new dining, recreation, and athletic facilities
  • Elevate the quality of student-centered programs and support services, such as the Center for Academic and Career Success, to match the high quality of the University’s academic life.
    Key investments: $15 million for Career services, student internships, and Campus Ministry
  • Foster a high-achieving and vibrant campus community by recruiting and supporting outstanding students from a diverse range of interests, backgrounds, and perspectives.
    Key investments:  $35 million for new endowed and current-use scholarships

The deep sense of community and belonging among our students is what makes their experiences and friendships here last a lifetime. Providing that opportunity is the first step.

Bright futures for Catholic University students

Together, we will assemble a vibrant campus community by recruiting, supporting, and giving scholarship aid to wide and diverse populations — ensuring that a Catholic University education is within reach for all who seek it. Scores of our undergraduates will benefit from $35 million in new endowed and current-use scholarships.

This campaign will also provide enriched experiential programming, augmented support services, and an improved, interconnected physical campus. Upgraded facilities will stand as a testament to the world-class student experience that awaits, signaling the promise of a Catholic University education. We will construct a premier athletics and recreation center and a new, contemporary dining complex. Student-athletes will train and excel in cutting-edge facilities, including the renovated DuFour Center, the new Carlini Turf Field, improved baseball and softball venues, and stadium enhancements.

The Campaign will also fortify and expand the Center for Academic and Career Success, and ensure that Campus Ministry flourishes.

Over the course of this Campaign, Catholic University will raise $110 million in new investments to ensure our students attain bright futures.