We are building relationships for the next generation!

The Division of University Advancement helps to define pathways of entry for the diverse constituents of The Catholic University of America, among them alumni, faculty and staff, students and parents, and donors and friends. As the University works to serve the Church, the nation, and the world, the Division bridges all of its communities.

We invite you to join us!

Our mission

Our mission is to identify, develop, and secure the necessary resources to advance the University’s aspirations and goals, both now and in the future. Mindful that every relationship built and nurtured is of value to the University, we measure our impact through the generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure shared within the University community. We are faithful stewards of these resources.

Our values
One Another
We operate in a performance-based culture of trust, excellence, and accountability as a way to reach our organizational goals while promoting the personal and professional interests of our staff.
We respect the clarity and diversity of each individual role within the Division and support one another as we pursue creative and innovative strategies to engage partners, secure resources, and communicate effectively.
We celebrate the success of the team and each of its members while fostering a positive, collegial work environment.
The University Community
We are committed to an audience-centered approach in all of our activities. Service to others, both on campus and in the community at large, guides our interactions.
As ambassadors of Catholic University, we serve as catalysts in creating and implementing entrepreneurial ideas that advance the institution.
We elevate the research and other academic work of our faculty, seeking to match their interests with philanthropic support.
Our Donors
We gratefully acknowledge and honor the generosity of our benefactors.
We foster open and collaborative communication, keeping donors connected to the pulse of the University.
We are transparent in our roles as honest partners, seeking input and advice from donors as together we work to lift and transform the University and its impact on the Church, the nation, and the world.
Our core principles

Community: We are committed to the professional development and growth of our staff, fostering a supportive environment that encourages long-term commitment to the University.

Trust: We trust and respect one another, and are transparent in all our activities.

Innovation and creativity: We pursue growth and improvement through the effective and entrepreneurial use of resources, encouraging innovation and creativity among our team members.

Accountability: We are committed to driving results and exceeding our goals, holding ourselves and our teams accountable.

Collaboration: We value teamwork and are responsive, solution-oriented partners to each other, colleagues across the University, and our donors.

Service: We are gracious, kind, and service-minded in performing our roles.

Excellence: We strive to be the best that we can be and, through our example, help others to reach beyond expectation.

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