Welcome to The Catholic University of America Alumni Association, where we support the University’s enduring mission of faith, learning, and service by fostering lifelong relationships within the global Catholic University family.

The Catholic University of America Alumni Association was founded on October 1, 1895 with 88 members. In 1900, there were 211 members. And, in 1927, the first alumni reunion was held in New York City. Since then, the Alumni Association has grown dramatically in its scope and diversity. Today there are over 90,000 members of the Association in the U.S. and around the world.

Headquartered at the Craves Family Alumni Center in Father O’Connell Hall, the Alumni Association provides diverse programs, expertise, and resources that aim to support Cardinals in every stage of their lives. Whether you live on the East Coast or on the other side of the world, you always have a home here in Brookland.

If you have attended Catholic University for at least two semesters, you are automatically a lifetime member of the Alumni Association.