Each year, the senior class rallies to advance Catholic University by generously contributing to the Senior Class Gift. This year, the students on the Senior Class Gift Committee ask the Class of 2020 to create a legacy unlike any other: One entire class pooling its resources to financially support one student who may not otherwise be able to pursue a Catholic University education.

Class of 2020, your Senior Class Gift Committee challenges you to have 50% or more of the class give back to the Class of 2020 Impact Scholarship in order to make this dream a reality for a future Cardinal.

The Class of 2020 seeks to make a life-changing impact

For some students with demonstrated needs, impact scholarships make a Catholic University education possible. For each of their four years at the University, these students receive $5,000 in scholarship aid.

This year, the Class of 2020 is set on drumming up the support needed to create the Class of 2020 Scholarship. As soon as next year, an admitted student could receive a financial aid packet that includes the Class of 2020 Impact Scholarship: a single student supported by an entire class.

Who may contribute to the Senior Class Gift?

Anyone! Just use the giving link on this page to have your gift count towards the Senior Class Gift.

Every member of the Class of 2020 is encouraged to contribute at any amount. They may also ask their friends, family members, and professors to help them fund the scholarship.

The Class of 2019 had 48% participation. The Class of 2020 seeks 50%!

In the name of friendly competition, this year's Senior Class Gift committee hopes their class can best last year's class.

More importantly, the committee wants every member of the Class of 2020 to be participate in the scholarship that will bear the class's name.

All gifts — no matter the size — could help the Class of 2020 reach its funding goal.

I’m a senior. (Yay!) How can I make a gift?

We encourage you to give online now. If you prefer to make your gift in person, please contact your senior class gift staff liaison, Praise Carson, at 202-319-6616 or carsonp [at] cua.edu.

We look forward to seeing you graduate and welcoming you to The Catholic University of America Alumni Association!

Class of 2020 Honor Roll

Updated monthly. (Last updated on January 15, 2020)

  • Brian Aberle
  • Katherine E. Anderson
  • Katharine Archer
  • Theresa Arlinghaus
  • Bridget M. Bagileo
  • Ngoltoingar C. Bayor
  • Molly K. Beidleman
  • Isabella H. Bertoncini
  • Alyssa Bishop
  • Tim J. Blanchard
  • Grace G. Boras
  • Angelica P. Brice
  • Megan Brizzell
  • Jordan M. Bryant
  • Melanie E. Bugden
  • Michela A. Caffrey
  • Stephen A. Calandrino.
  • Ryan C. Cannon
  • Connor G. Cassidy
  • Maeve Cassidy
  • William G. Catalanello
  • Jacob A. Chase
  • Julia C. Clementi
  • Lauren M. Coene
  • Joseph A. Colucci
  • Kathleen Conolly
  • Cecelia Cromer
  • Christopher J. Cupo
  • Ryan Cury
  • Sophia M. Czerniecki
  • Anne M. Dadosky
  • Allison Davin
  • Ross M. Dean
  • Sarah P. Diamond
  • Alexandra R. Diflorio
  • Julia T. Donnelly
  • Kendra L. Dunn
  • Patrick J. Dwyer
  • Bridget A. Edmondson
  • John E. Eisenbacher
  • John D. Farley
  • Alexandra N. Filiault
  • Sarah J. First
  • Emma U. Flanagan
  • Gabriela Galavis
  • Caitlin Gallagher
  • Ross H. Gerber
  • Abigail Getka
  • Leon Gilmore
  • Catherine C. Gosselin
  • Anna M. Gould
  • John W. Graham
  • Darby C. Grant
  • Jeffrey Guile
  • Gregory Guilfoyle
  • Patricia A. Halloran
  • Emily A. Hammond
  • Sarah M. Harrigan
  • Riley C. Hayes
  • Michaela E. Hebbeler
  • Marykate E. Higley
  • Colleen S. Holland
  • Joanne Holler
  • Victoria A. Hopp
  • Isabella Iannini
  • Katarina A. Ivancik
  • Meredith B. Jones
  • Christian M. Jones
  • Nina G. Kasputis
  • Brendan M. Kearney
  • Christopher R. Kelly
  • Victoria R. Kirkman
  • Christine Kirmsse
  • Michael H. Klein
  • Katherine Kolberg
  • Eunice A. Kwao
  • Elise M. Lafleur
  • Mina G. Larraquel
  • Alexandra B. Leingang
  • Brendan M. Leniw
  • James P. Leon
  • Julia A. Link
  • Marissa R. Liotta
  • Larissa A. Livanis
  • Nolan M. Lundholm
  • Amanda M. Martin
  • Kaelin Martin
  • Joseph P. McAlonan
  • Murphy B. McGorry
  • Anna G. McGovern
  • Sara A. McMenamin
  • Colin J. McNulty
  • Paige N. McQuillen
  • Caitlin O. Merrill
  • Eric W. Moore
  • Terri C. O'Connor
  • Katherine O'Reilly
  • Christian E. Obuchowski
  • Keeli Otto
  • Patrick C. Pallisco
  • Izabela A. Paraga
  • Alexandra Patterson
  • Carly R. Philbin
  • Marielle Picinich
  • Bradley A. Pierro
  • Taylor Pisk
  • Cid M. Porter
  • Nicholas Procino
  • Nina Profaci
  • William M. Pyne
  • Sarah Quillen
  • Benjamin Reese
  • Holly Regan
  • Lauren T. Revay
  • Mollie Reynolds
  • Anthony A. Ricci
  • Kelsey Riordan
  • Catherine Robben
  • Javier Rodriguez
  • John W. Ropelewski
  • Julia Rosetto
  • Robert Rossetto
  • Abigail R. Schroth
  • Graceann M. Schuck
  • Sabrina J. Scott
  • Benjamin T. Shields
  • Liz A. Shoemaker
  • Griffin M. Smith
  • Emily A. Snyder
  • Nicholas A. Spinelli
  • Mavi L. Straulino
  • Aidan J. Strongreen
  • Brendan J. Sullivan
  • Connor P. Sullivan
  • Caroline Sullivan
  • Emily Sullivan
  • Kayleigh Sullvan
  • Jean M. Sumner
  • Thomas C. Thorp
  • Mark A. Tocchio
  • Gabby R. Tomasura
  • Julia B. Tyrrell
  • Gregory P. Van Roie
  • Cosette C. Vincent
  • Stephen A. Wallace
  • Kevin E. Walsh
  • Mary Wasel
  • Irene M. Wilson
  • William Wilson
  • Samantha E. Yarasavage