Each year, the senior class rallies to advance Catholic University by generously contributing to the Senior Class Gift. This year, the students on the Student Philanthropy Council ask the Class of 2024 to give back to the departments and organizations on campus that made the greatest impact on your time here as CatholicU students. 

Class of 2024, the Student Philanthropy Council challenges you to participate! We want 50% or more of the class to give back and support the future of our academic departments, athletic teams, and student life organizations.

Help the Class of 2024 set up the next generation of Catholic University students for success

With the opportunity to specify where you want your donation to go, we hope that you will find this donation more meaningful and personal. A donation to programs here at the university that influenced you will allow CatholicU to offer even greater support for future students.

There are over 70 annual funds, giving the Class of 2024 many options to choose from and spread its impact through various aspects of student life. This includes schools, departments, Athletics (by team or department), scholarships, Student Affairs, Campus Ministry, and many more!

Who may contribute to the Senior Class Gift?

Anyone! Just use the giving link to have your gift count towards the Senior Class Gift.

Every member of the Class of 2024 is encouraged to contribute any amount and will count towards our 50% goal. You may also ask your friends, family members, and professors to contribute.

Michael Graves

“Catholic University has always been my dream school. I cannot express my gratitude enough. You have inspired me to help others and give back to Catholic University when I graduate. I hope that one day my generosity will provide another student with the opportunity to attend this amazing school and achieve their goals.”

—Michael Graves, Class of 2024

Why Give?

Top reasons to give back:

  • Alumni who came before you gave back so you could have the same opportunities that made them successful.
  • You can give back to any area that has most impacted you at CatholicU.
  • It doesn’t matter that you can’t give much right now—it’s your intention that counts!
  • The University operates on the generosity of donors.
  • To honor a professor or mentor from your time at CatholicU.
  • To support the future of a club that shaped who you are.
  • Your gift helps CatholicU become even better for future Cardinals.
  • It shows your appreciation for CatholicU!

If that’s not convincing enough, below you will find our Donor Appreciation Tiers and information about the Red Feather Society!

$5 With this gift, you'll receive a class button and access to donor appreciation events.
$20.24 With this gift, you'll receive a class button, graduation cord, access to our donor appreciation events
$18.87*  Seniors who make a gift of $18.87 and pledge to continue to give $18.87 annually for the next 5 years will be inducted into the Red Feather Society. With this gift, you'll receive a class button, graduation cord, and access to our donor appreciation events. This annual gift equals to $1.57 per month.








Red Feather Society

Seniors who make a gift of $18.87 and pledge to continue to give $18.87 annually for the next 5 years will be inducted into the Red Feather Society. Upon induction, seniors receive a red feather pin to wear at graduation—a sign of achievement and commitment to the power of a Catholic University education.

Young alumni (up to 10 years out) maintain their membership by making an annual gift of any size to any part of the University every consecutive fiscal year. 

Red Feather Society members receive:

  • Exclusive Red Feather lapel pin
  • Discounts to select alumni events (like Cardinal Weekend Pregame Tent Party)
  • Special recognition at University events
  • Coupon to use at Catholic University Bookstore (one coupon per year)
  • Exclusive events and programming for Red Feather members only
  • Quarterly E-Newsletter

I’m a senior. (Yay!) How can I make a gift?

We encourage you to give online now. If you prefer to make your gift in person, please contact your student philanthropy council, at cua-spc [at] cua.edu (cua-spc[at]cua[dot]edu)

We look forward to seeing you graduate and welcoming you to The Catholic University of America Alumni Association!