The Senior Class Gift represents a class's legacy, demonstrating what members of a class can achieve when they unite in pursuit of a common purpose. This year, the students on the Student Philanthropy Council ask the Class of 2021 to participate in funding a new scholarship, the Class of 2021 Impact Scholarship. If fully funded, the scholarship will financially support a student in the Class of 2025 who may not otherwise be able to pursue a Catholic University education.

Class of 2021, the Student Philanthropy Council challenges you to have 50% or more of the class contribute to the Senior Class Gift.

Impact scholarships open the door

For some students with demonstrated needs, impact scholarships open the door to a Catholic University education. For each of their four years at the University, these students receive $5,000 in scholarship aid.

As soon as 2021, an admitted student could receive a financial aid packet that includes the Class of 2021 Impact Scholarship: a single student supported by an entire class.

Everyone may contribute to the scholarship

Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the Senior Class Gift to help fund the Class of 2021 Impact Scholarship.

Although the scholarship requires $20,000 to be fully funded, the Class of 2021 is not expected to contribute this full amount. The Alumni Association Board of Governors, Young Alumni Council, and other friends of the seniors will support the class's efforts by contributing to the scholarship as well.

Goal for the Class of 2021: 50% participation

The Student Philanthropy Council wants every member of the Class of 2021 to participate in the scholarship that will bear the class's name.

The Class of 2021 should focus on their participation goal of having at least 50% of the class make a gift. All gifts — no matter the size — help the Class of 2021 reach its goal.

Give online or contact us

We encourage you to give online now. If you prefer to make your gift in person, please contact the Senior Class Gift staff liaison, Praise Carson, at 202-319-6616 or carsonp [at]

We look forward to celebrating the Class of 2021 when it reaches its goal.

Honor Roll

Later this year, we will post a list that includes each member of the Class of 2021 who has contributed to the Senior Class Gift. We will update this list monthly.

Make your gift now so that your name will appear on the donor roll as soon as it is published!