Ten reunion classes compete for awards in four categories. The winning classes bolster their legacies and earn bragging rights for the next five years. Can you and your classmates rise to the challenge?

Every five years, alumni commemorate their milestone reunions by increasing their annual giving commitments to Catholic University. Collectively, these milestone reunion alumni make a huge impact on advancing the University's mission.

With the Reunion Giving Challenge, you and your classmates can see how your reunion class compares to the others. Up to four classes could claim victory, but all classes will support the continued success of Catholic University.

The four cups

The Reunion Giving Challenge includes four competition categories, represented by physical reunion cups. To win a category, you and your classmates need to work together. If victorious, your class name will be etched into the cup, commemorating your victory in perpetuity.

  • Reunion Cup: Highest number of alumni who return for Cardinal Weekend
  • Alumni Cup: Highest donor participation rate within the reunion year
  • Leader Cup: Most dollars raised within the reunion year
  • Loyalty Cup: Most multi-year pledges established within the reunion year

The Reunion Class Challenge is a marathon, not sprint. The competitions last from January 1 through December 31, with the winners announced in the February of the next year. (Exception: The Reunion Cup competition ends earlier with the winning class announced during Cardinal Weekend.)

Help your class win a cup: Encourage your classmates to make a gift and register for Cardinal Weekend.

2020 Reunion Alumni Donor Honor Roll

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