The need to rebuild the culture of business has never been more pressing than it is today. Many people—especially the young—see major elements of the free market, including entrepreneurial agency, choice and competition, and private property, as sources of injustice rather than as foundations of security and prosperity accessible to everyone. The Busch School of Business offers a true and compelling corrective to this bleak view, one that is founded in values-centered, entrepreneurial capitalism, and that engages not only with the broader Catholic University community, but also with the Church, government, and society at large.

From its inception, The Busch School has placed supreme importance on establishing a program of study that integrates faith and reason in the Catholic tradition for students interested in the study of business. Now is our moment to capitalize on the leadership gifts that already empower our work and mobilize a new generation of generous and dedicated individuals to support our vision for The Busch School. Many of these individuals and institutions have fueled the renovation of the School’s new home, Maloney Hall, and provided the impetus and funding for the School’s establishment.

Campaign Priorities

Through this Campaign, The Busch School of Business will advance the following priorities that build upon its remarkable trajectory:

Elite Scholarships

The Busch School will support gifted young men and women who aim for achievement beyond academic accomplishment and business success.


Launch of Undergraduate Honors Program

The Busch School’s new honors-level core curriculum and extracurricular programming will offer a profound experience far exceeding national norms.


Four New Endowed Faculty Positions

Endowed positions in finance, accounting, marketing, and management will provide prestige and gravitas to attract superlative faculty to The Busch School.