Building on the tradition of Rerum Novarum, Centesimus Annus, and Laudato Si, Catholic University is leading the way in the dissemination of Catholic social doctrine through online education, due in large part to the generosity and continued investment of University Trustee Richard Banziger, B.A. 1981, who has given $2 million towards the effort to date.

“The gift's purpose is to build the development of the University's online learning programs, thereby connecting Rerum Novarum's principles with the digital learning tools of today (…new things)”

— Richard Banziger, B.A. 1981

Through online learning, the University can reach unlimited numbers of students who may not have the ability to travel to campus. Richard's continued investment has profoundly impacted the program's future growth from singular courses to certificate and master's degree programs sought by a rapidly growing cadre of working professionals and students of all ages.

“Richard's leadership gift has been instrumental in both expanding our reach — to a projected tens of thousands of students in the next decade — and giving us the means to realize our vision of Catholic University as the premier Catholic online university worldwide,” says Jim Monaghan, associate provost of online education.

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Published on: Friday, August 10, 2018

Campaign Theme: Academic Environment

Division: Busch School of Business, School of Theology and Religious Studies

Tags: Online Education