Open doors for the incoming Class of 2028

In 2023, impact scholarship donors helped Catholic University fund 250 additional scholarships for incoming students, making a CatholicU education accessible for every student. This fall, you can help provide even more impact scholarships and substantially grow next year’s incoming class of Cardinals. Make your Impact Scholarship Gift by April 30, 2024 in order to provide a CatholicU education to the next generation of Cardinals.

Impact Scholarships bridge the gap

At Catholic University, we believe that every talented and qualified student who is invited to join our community should be able to pursue an education here, regardless of personal financial circumstances. Despite the University’s generous financial aid packages, the ability to afford a CatholicU education is often still just out of reach for many prospective students. An impact scholarship bridges the gap between tuition costs and what a student can afford, offering students the gift of a CatholicU education and formation as an individual who will give back — to the Church, the nation, and the world.


An annual gift of just $5,000 opens the doors to Catholic University and makes a true and lasting difference in the life of a deserving student. An overall commitment of $20,000 over four years provides that student with necessary support for all four years of their college education.


About the Initiative

In January 2022, the Catholic University Board of Trustees set a bold challenge: to help the University raise an additional $4 million in order to fund 200 impact scholarships for incoming first-year students. Thanks to the generosity of our community members, the University didn’t just meet that goal — it exceeded it by nearly $1 million, raising enough to fund 235 new impact scholarships.

"The initiative to increase need-based scholarships had a dramatic impact on our class and its cultural and economic diversity. Closing the gap on financial aid allowed hundreds of students to say ‘yes’ to us this year."
Mark Ciolli, dean of undergraduate admission


There is still more work to be done in order to make a CatholicU education available to every remarkable student who wishes to join our community. This fall, the University has set a goal of $4 million to fund 250 impact scholarships for the incoming Class of 2028 by April 30, 2024. These scholarships will allow the University to welcome more students than ever before, including those with the highest levels of financial need.

Students walking on campus in the fall


The incoming Class of 2027 contains 860 students, a 13% increase over the Class of 2026, and it is also the most ethnically and socioeconomically diverse class in University history. We welcomed 44% more first-generation students this fall, and the University has successfully partnered with Washington, D.C., public and charter schools to increase the number of applicants from our hometown — the number of new, incoming students who are District residents grew 13% (Total D.C. Residents) this year.


Open the doors for the future of CatholicU

Andrea Suarez

"I am deeply grateful for the Scott Family Scholarship and the support that it provides me. Pursuing higher education can be a challenging and costly endeavor, and this scholarship will enable me to focus on my studies and professional development without the added financial burden. I am committed to making the most of this opportunity and using the knowledge and skills that I acquire to make a positive and lasting impact on my community and society."
Andrea Suarez, Theology & Religious Studies and Philosophy Pre-Law double major, Italian Studies minor, Class of 2025


Make a difference now

Our donors’ support is crucial to the University’s success in welcoming more students than ever before –  including those with financial need. Growing our student body, both in size and diversity, will have a transformational impact on the student experience now and on the greater Cardinal community for years to come. To make an Impact Scholarship Gift, or for more information, please email us at

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