Compared to last year, the Cardinal Athletics Giving Challenge tripled the number of donors. This year, the top two teams attracted more donors than all 23 teams did last year.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters, Cardinal Athletics raised $163,539 during the challenge.

This support elevates the University's entire athletics program and helps our teams gain the competitive advantage they need. Cross Country, Track and Field, and Tennis are planning training trips for spring break; Football is eager to enhance player safety by upgrading the most technologically advanced helmets; and all teams plan to invest in recruitment, training, travel, and equipment.

Our student-athletes see supporters rooting from them, even when those supporters are not in the stands during a competition. Thank you to everyone who supported these student-athletes, their dedicated coaches, our athletics program, and the entire Catholic University community.

The final results

Most donors

The most individual donors to a team.

Men's teams

  1. Lacrosse ($3,000 prize)
  2. Baseball ($2,000 prize)
  3. Basketball ($1,000 prize)

Women's teams

  1. Basketball ($3,000 prize)
  2. Lacrosse ($2,000 prize)
  3. Track and Field ($1,000 prize)

Highest participation

The highest rate of team-alumni donors.

Men's teams

  1. Golf ($3,000 prize)
  2. Lacrosse ($2,000 prize)
  3. Baseball ($1,000 prize)

Women's teams

  1. Lacrosse ($3,000 prize)
  2. Basketball ($2,000 prize)
  3. Field Hockey ($1,000 prize)


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Published on: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Campaign Theme: Student Success

Division: Athletics Department

Tags: Men's Athletics, Women's Athletics, Cardinal Athletics Giving Challenge