Scholarships open doors.

More than any other type of philanthropic investment, scholarships directly and immediately impact our most important resource: our students.

The Catholic University of America is as unique as each student drawn to our community. Students recognize the lasting value of what we offer: a higher education experience in which discovery of the truth takes place through both faith and reason, through excellence in teaching and research, all in service to the Church, the nation, and the world.

Your support opens the door to Catholic University.

Without scholarship funding, many highly qualified students simply cannot attend Catholic University, despite the fact that, financial considerations aside, we are their first-choice school. Scholarships attract, enable, and retain top students, irrespective of their financial means.

Scholarships give deserving students the chance to pursue a Catholic University education, a life-changing experience they simply can’t get anywhere else.

Types of scholarships

Whether you are interested in establishing a scholarship to underwrite a single student’s education or endowing a scholarship to support generations of students in perpetuity, your generosity makes a tangible and immediate difference.

Both current use and endowed scholarships offer you the opportunity to name the scholarship after yourself or in honor or memory of a loved one. Scholarships not only benefit the students who receive them but also they serve as a lasting and personally meaningful legacy for those whose generosity makes them possible.

In addition to regular reports on your scholarships and letters from the students you support, you will be a guest of honor at our Celebration of Scholars and Benefactors dinner held each fall on the Catholic University campus. The evening is a singular opportunity for donors to see firsthand the impact their generosity is having on the students they support and for students to get to know the donors who are helping make their college education possible.

Current Use Scholarships

An annual commitment of $5,000 or more provides a scholarship for one deserving student for all four years of his or her Catholic University education, making a lasting and life-changing impact on that individual.

Endowed Scholarships

An endowed scholarship is the single most enduring investment in our students, benefiting not just a single top student but supporting generation after generation of deserving students in perpetuity. Your extraordinary support through endowed scholarships impacts countless lives, builds lifelong relationships, and establishes your legacy forever.

A commitment of $100,000 endows a named scholarship fund to support the Catholic University education of one deserving student annually in perpetuity, regardless of market conditions.

View a sample endowed scholarship agreement.

General Scholarship Support

Gifts in amounts less than the minimum commitment needed to name a current use or endowed scholarship also make an important impact on scholarships. Unrestricted scholarship gifts will be directed to Catholic University’s general scholarship pool through The Fund for Catholic University.