Help facilitate the National Collection in your parish!

Last updated in August 2021, this page provides resources and dates that you need to successfully promote the National Collection.

Parish resources

We provide the following resources to St. Paul Society volunteers, pastors, and Church leaders to help promote and facilitate the National Collection. Some documents are posted in Microsoft Word format so that they may be edited and tailored for particular parishes.

  1. Share the collection poster. Promote the collection with CatholicU's 2021 National Collection poster.
  2. Follow our helpful ideas for a successful collection. Our simple, three-week plan guides you through the processing, starting the week prior to the collection and ending the week after the collection. Follow the instructions in CatholicU's 2021 National Collection helpful ideas document.
  3. Have your bishop read our letter from the pulpit. On the weekend prior to the collection, ask your bishop to read the 2021 National Collection letter to parishes (also available in Spanish).
  4. Share the QR code and URL in your bulletin. We've made online giving easy! In your bulletin, please include the 2021 National Collection QR code and URL.
  5. Submit payment to the University. With our 2021 National Collection transmittal form, you may submit partial or final payment to Catholic University.

Catholic University branding and style

We invite you to use the University's style guide in your materials:

Print ads

Four color

2021 National Collection four-color print ad

Black and White

2021 National Collection black and white print ad

Collection calendar

The USCCB designates the first or second Sunday in September for the National Collection for The Catholic University of America (September 5 or 12, 2021).

But please check the collection schedule for your diocese; the date of the collection in your parish may differ from what the USCCB recommends.