Still engaged — from a distance

Just because your son or daughter is leaving for college doesn’t mean you stop being a parent.

That’s the attitude of Kim and Marsha Pearcy Sperduto, the incoming leaders of the Catholic University Parents Council. Kim said parents still want to be involved in their children’s lives, even when they aren’t living under the same roof.

“Parents evolve from being an on-site Mom or Dad in high school, but when their child leaves for college, one is still a parent and still engaged in shepherding their child through the rigors, challenges — and yes — pleasures of college,” he said. “The Parents Council is a perfect opportunity to continue to be engaged, albeit from an appropriate distance.”

The group is made up of highly engaged parents dedicated to the mission of Catholic University and who seek to expand student opportunities. Focusing on philanthropy and strategy, these parent-leaders make a meaningful, direct impact on undergraduate student life.

Kim said he hopes the Parents Council can also evolve to become a vehicle by which challenges faced by Catholic University can be addressed with the help of parents.

“It is my hope that Marsha and I can help to organize, energize, and realize such a role for the Parents Council in the months and years ahead.”

Parents, he added, can “be a source of light, and of solutions, to the various and exciting challenges the University confronts on its journey to be a school of national renown.”

Benefits of membership in the Parents Council include engagement with University leadership, networking opportunities with other parent leaders, and access to senior members of University administration to share ideas and strategic input about important issues.

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Published on: Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Campaign Theme: Student Success

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