On March 29, 2021, we hosted a CUOnline event on racial equality and justice that featured the following three members of the Sister Thea Bowman Committee:

  • Regina Jefferson, professor in the Columbus School of Law
  • Victor McCrary, B.A. 1978, vice president for research and graduate programs at the University of the District of Columbia
  • Javier Bustamante, director of the Center for Cultural Engagement at Catholic University

In 2020, Catholic University launched the Sister Thea Bowman Committee with a charge from President Garvey to issue comprehensive recommendations for action concerning racial equality at the University.

"Racism is an affliction in our nation. We urgently need prepared individuals to lead on this issue, and to propose thoughtful ways to heal this festering wound. My hope is that those individuals will come from The Catholic University of America."

— President John Garvey

Before the committee finishes its report in September, we hosted this CUOnline event to learn about the progress they've made and to discuss the state of racial equality at Catholic University.

Published on: Monday, March 29, 2021

Campaign Theme: Faculty Excellence

Division: Columbus School of Law

Tags: Sister Thea Bowman Committee, Center for Cultural Engagement, CUOnline