All human habitation shares the potential to simultaneously shelter, fortify, and celebrate three fundamental connections: our social relations with other people, our stewardship relations to the natural world and the built environment, and our sacred relations with God. To realize this potential, architects and planners must integrate artistic creativity, intellectual curiosity, technical acuity, ecological and cultural awareness, and spiritual maturity in their professional practice.

Motivated by these values, and cognizant of our many existing strengths, we propose to radically restructure our program of architectural education. Our goal is to establish the School of Architecture and Planning as the leading institution in the country dedicated to the joint study of modernist and classical design, and to do so with sustainability and excellence as the traits that bind these traditions together, melding them with the pursuit of beauty and transcendence.

Campaign Priorities

Reimagining Architecture Education

We will create a nationally distinctive program exploring classical Western design in active dialogue with contemporary modernism.


Updating the School's Built Environment

The redesign of the Edward M. Crough Center exterior will give physical expression to our new approach to architectural education, compliment surrounding structures, and bring our studios into the 21st century.


Building the Future: Annual Support for Architecture

The School’s financial future will be built on generous annual-fund support from alumni and friends, preparing us to take advantage of rising opportunities and address unforeseen challenges.