Catholic University preserves and extends the Catholic intellectual tradition across the range of academic life. Integrated studies in theology and philosophy form the foundation upon which a Catholic University education is built.

We encourage our students to engage in a variety of academic pursuits, nurture intellectual and artistic creativity, and experience the joy of finding answers in surprising places. We seek to create an intellectual environment that is curious, informed, compassionate, discerning, innovative, and socially aware.

Within carefully shaped learning spaces in the physical environment, the Catholic University student acquires a grounded framework for considering life’s essential questions and meeting them with insight and wisdom.

$148 million in new investments

To create modern academic environments, Catholic University will:

  • Build premier academic facilities—to house and support the sciences, to elevate the performing arts, and to provide homes to The Busch School of Business and the Conway School of Nursing.
    Key investments: $112 million for premier academic spaces
  • Create academic programs and centers that unite disciplines, and expand our classrooms and laboratories to meet these interdisciplinary needs.
    Key investments: $21 million for laboratory refurbishment and key academic centers and institutes in areas such as sacred arts, religious history and spirituality, and modern / classical architecture.
  • Develop new paradigms for teaching and learning, broaden our reach by expanding online education, design best practices and institutional frameworks for classical K-12 Catholic education.
    Key investments: $15 million for online and blended education and K-12 Catholic education

Our goals for this imperative of the Campaign total $148 million in new investment.

Truly innovative academic environments

To create truly innovative academic environments, Catholic University will construct and reimagine academic facilities across campus—providing collaborative spaces that allow students and faculty to dig deeper and engage in new ways.

Renovations include refurbishing laboratories, reshaping Maloney Hall as the home for The Busch School of Business, building a new interdisciplinary nursing and sciences building for the Conway School of Nursing, expanding and improving our engineering facilities, and developing new performing arts facilities for the reimagined Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art.

The creation of interdisciplinary centers and institutes expands learning opportunities for students and unleashes the full intellectual capacity of our university.