Couple’s pioneering support key to The Busch School’s new home

Steve and Maryanne Means first heard about Catholic University and The Busch School of Business from fellow University benefactors Tim and Steph Busch, for whom the school is named.

“Through them, we got a chance to know Provost Andrew Abela, the first dean of The Busch School,” and learned about the School’s mission to provide students with a sound business education based on Catholic teaching.

“The mission spoke deeply to my wife and me. At the time, the School needed a home, and we were excited to make a donation to kick start the early planning and architectural design.” Steve served on the School’s building committee.

Now a member of the Board of Visitors for The Busch School, Steve is thrilled to see faith, intellect, and virtue intertwined.

“Reason without faith eventually becomes focused on just raising money and being profitable. It becomes very self-serving. But faith rounds out the broader view that money is an instrument that can expand the sphere of business influences and the wider community.”

— Steve Means

“It was so apparent that my wife and I needed to do this. The school wasn’t going to flourish until it had its own space.”

Steve calls the role he and Maryanne played “very small.”

“So many people after us were willing to provide so much more than we did. It was a team effort to create this beautiful space,” he said. “I believe the business school will be the key to the success, stability, and growth of the University overall.”

Published on: Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Campaign Theme: Academic Environment

Division: Busch School of Business