As the temperatures fluctuate daily here in Washington, D.C., the earth continues to push forth daffodils and the tiny buds of cherry blossoms everywhere. Even during the coldest spring days, the wind is a welcome friend as it seems to blow away the last vestiges of winter. Geese in formation flying home and robins creating their nets in the trees raise their voices in praise to God. Creation herself is preparing to welcome her Risen Lord!

This spring is a welcome reminder that the life-giving Passion and the Death of the Lord brings forth His glorious Resurrection. This Easter, more than any in recent memory, the rays of Jesus’ resurrection refresh our hearts and minds with new hope. Last Easter was overshadowed by the fear of the pandemic. It seemed as if Lent 2020 was not 40 days, but 12 months long as the seasons of spring, fall, and winter were marked by the dark clouds of uncertainty, isolation, and tragedy.

This Easter season, let us join all creation in rejoicing in the Lord’s love for us. May our voices rise up in songs of praise and thanksgiving as we reunite with family and friends to celebrate the Easter Eucharist. Let us welcome into our parish families our newest Catholics received into the Church at Easter vigils celebrated publicly again. Breathe in the sweet fragrance of Christ as he reveals Himself not only to disciples of old, but to us as well. Spread the message of Jesus’ Resurrection by our deeds of kindness and works of justice.

May Our Risen Lord bless each of you and your families with good health, happiness, and joy. Please know that all of our alumni will be remembered at the Altar as we celebrate our Easter Masses. Isn’t that the beauty of our Catholic Faith? No matter where we are, no matter our circumstances, challenges, or joys, we are always united at the “breaking of the Bread.” Have a Blessed Easter!

Peace and gratitude,
Fr. Jude DeAngelo, OFM Conv.
University chaplain and director of Campus Ministry

Published on: Thursday, April 1, 2021

Tags: Campus Ministry, Easter, Holy Day