Welcome to the Catholic University family! 

Catholic University students — your children — are our top priority. 

Through the university-parent partnership, we can sustain and enhance Catholic University’s outstanding academics and co-curricular activities to enrich the student experience for all. We welcome and encourage your full engagement with the Catholic University community.

Why give to the Parents Fund?

Making a gift to the Parents Fund is a way for parents to become involved in the life of the University and to help preserve and improve the quality of Catholic University for all students, including your own.

Catholic University tuition covers only a portion of the cost to educate each of our students. The University relies on gifts from our generous trustees, parents, alumni, faculty and staff, and friends to help bridge the gap. 

All gifts are immediately directed to the areas of most critical need for your children. 

Your gift supports the entire University

Your gift supports:

  • Exceptional professors and enhanced course offerings
  • Career services and development resources
  • Athletics and recreational programming and extra-curricular activities 
  • Student financial aid and scholarships
  • Campus ministry outreach and community service projects
  • Technology upgrades
  • And so much more!

You have choices

Through our online platform, you can make a one-time gift or set your gift to recur annually for sustained support. 

Parents, also consider a leadership-level gift

Catholic University provides special recognition and benefits to parents who choose to give at leadership levels each fiscal year. Membership to the 1887 Society starts at $5,000 per fiscal year. For more details, call 202-319-4183 or email giving2cua [at] cua.edu.