In December, Kevin Ryan, B.A. 1989, joined Jacqueline Leary-Warsaw, M.A. 1988, and dean of the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art, for a discussion of the statue with the Canadian artist who created Angels Unawares, Timothy Schmalz.

Angels Unawares was originally commissioned by Pope Francis. The first casting was installed in St. Peter’s Square. The second casting was gifted to the University by Schmalz and an anonymous donor, and is currently touring the country — presently it is in Atlanta, Ga. — and will be permanently installed on the Catholic University campus in October.

Schmalz has been an artist for 30 years, and Ryan is the president and CEO of Covenant House and the 2012 recipient of the James Cardinal Gibbons Award, the highest honor bestowed on a Catholic University graduate by the Alumni Association. During the panel, the trio discussed the creation of the 3.5-ton statue, the plight of migrants and refugees across time, loving and welcoming our neighbors, and living with dignity.

Published on: Thursday, January 14, 2021

Campaign Theme: Academic Environment

Division: Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art

Tags: James Cardinal Gibbons Award, Angels Unawares